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Saving St. Teresa

“In SAVING ST. TERESA, Joe Benevento shows himself to be a highly talented novelist unafraid to explore the philosophical and literary boundaries of the mystery genre, while at the same time weaving a gripping mystery that is the epitome of the page turner. 

Benevento is a writer of such depth that, even while he goes deep into the history of Catholic mysticism for one plot element, he shows himself to be well versed in all manner of contemporary social issues in other elements. But he is most of all a terrific storyteller; each new and unexpected plot twist will draw you further in. SAVING ST. TERESA is a must read for mystery and non-mystery readers alike."

– Carol Goodman, Hammett Prize Winning mystery novelist, The Seduction of Water and many more

“Joe Benevento follows up on his brilliant debut in The Monsignor’s Wife with another Cupelli brothers tour de force that combines an academic element worthy of C. P. Snow with a dexterity in plotting that would do Raymond Chandler proud! The author takes you through authentically described settings as varied as NYC and New England on and off campus, his potent narrative propelled by a cast of vivid and singular characters, and by his deep knowledge of Catholic history, and, … you will neither leave the edge of your seat nor guess the killer! 

SAVING ST. TERESA is an extraordinary blend of visceral action and serious intellect, and another grand tradition in American crime writing is being established before our eyes.” 

- Lee Slonimsky, author of Bermuda Goldco-author of the Lee Carroll Black Swan Rising Trilogy and seven time nominee for the Pushcart Prize in poetry

“SAVING ST. TERESA, a sequel to The Monsignor’s Wife, is a compelling mystery with an intricate plot, intriguing characters and complex themes. Tony Cupelli, the protagonist of the first novel, now a professor, no longer a monsignor, is once again a sleuth on a perplexing series of murders with his detective brother, Mike. The two brothers face a labyrinthine puzzle of suspects, centered mostly on a heretical cult based on the secret writings of St. Teresa of Avila. As he becomes increasingly involved in investigating these murders, Cupelli’s life becomes more and more endangered. From page 1 to the end, Benevento’s novel ramps up the devious, the sinister and the macabre.

- Jack Smith, author of Hog to Hog and Icon, George Garrett Fiction Prize Winner

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April 2015.